macOS Monterey New Features

Iskander Fathallah
3 min readJun 8, 2021

“Monterey” is the new name of the brand new macOS and here are its major new features that were introduced by Apple on the 2021 WWDC.

macOS Monterey

Universal Control :

This is by far the coolest feature introduced to the new Apple OS on Mac. 🆒😎

It allows you to navigate between your Mac and iPad with a single Mouse and a keyboard for a seamless experience.

Universal Control on macOS Monterey

In the following image, you could see the user moving the cursor from his MacBook Pro to his iPad which is automatically recognising it.
Thus, the user could control his iPad with his MacBook Pro.

Moving my cursor between the MacBook Pro and the iPad

It’s even possible to make some drags and drops of the some media elements like pictures, between the two devices.

Also, Universal Control works with even three devices.
For instance, I could drag an image from my iPad on the right, passing by my MacBook in the middle, arriving to my iMac on the left.

Passing an image from my iPad on the right, passing by my MacBook in the middle, arriving to my iMac on the left.

I really recommend to see this video for a clear tutorial about how does “Universal Control” work.

Airplay To Mac :

Here we are talking about the same ol’ Airplay that allows us to cast some media content (like a video) into our AppleTV big screen.

From this day on, it’s also possible to make an Airplay directly to a Mac in order to exploit its high resolution display or high fidelity sound.

Shortcuts :

Shortcuts on macOS Monterey

Already available on iOS, Shortcuts is now embedded to macOS in order to allow you access rapidly some functions that demand many swipes or button presses.

Now it’s possible to automate everyday’s stuff to achieve better productivity by getting access to a prebuilt shortcuts collection, just for mac.

Making a shortcut to make a Gif from a video

“Shortcuts” is the future of automation on macOS with the possibility to import some automated processes from the “Automator” app (that is still supported).

Safari :

A new Tab Design :

Apple introduced a new tab bar design with a browser’s background color that is similar to the selected tab opened web site.

New Tabs design for Safari.

Tab Groups :

Tab Groups are an easy and lightweight way to save your tabs into groups and then open them back later when needed.
And of course, any change on tab groups will be synchronised on all your Apple Devices.

Tab Groups work the same on iPad as they work on Mac.

Tab Groups on the left side bar

And that’s about it for macOS Monterey :

Here’s a summary for what you should expect of the macOS Monterey.

Major Improvements for macOS Monterey

And of course, macOS Monterey includes new features that came with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 that are available via the following article that I have wrote for you :

Finally, here’s the link to the complete 2021 WWDC.

Thanks for reading 🙌 😃



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